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I. Housing
bat_dong_sanCurrently, Quang Ninh province has a great housing land reserve. Many new urban areas have been formed, however, housing prices in these urban areas are often far higher than the average income of local people.

The demand for low-income housing is enormous. However, low-income people seem hardly able to afford an apartment especially in big cities, such as Ha Long Bay, Cam Pha, Uong Bi.

A medium-level apartment in residential areas is now trading at price of 1-1.5 billion VND, whereas, the average stable income of a skilled labor is about 50-60 million VND per year. Thus, the difference between the properties’ price and the average social income is about 28-30 times. This gap is beyond the limit of safe investment in residential real estate. This phenomenon has been nurtured from too much supply volume of luxury real estate together with the lack of buyers; as a result, crisis of overproduction of luxury real estate has been lasting for a long time. However, the real estate market completely lacks housing segment for low-income people.

5337956-fresh-fruits-ready-to-buy-in-supermarket2. Daily living expenses
Over the past two years, Quang Ninh has maintained high growth rate, reaching more than 9.5% per year and income per capita has reached more than 2,600 USD/year. The average income of Quang Ninh is 1.5 times higher than the national average income ($1,540/year). Rich-poor gap is quite big between urban and rural areas. In comparison to other provinces, living cost in urban areas is quite high and expensive.

3. Education situation

Business seminarEducation and training system in Quang Ninh province has all levels in the national education system. In 2012, in the whole province there are 671 schools including 205 early childhood schools, 426 general education schools (elementary school, secondary school, high school), 12 professional institutions (01 university, 06 colleges, 02 professional training schools, 01 school for business process and 02 university campuses), 05 vocational institutions (03 training schools, 02 colleges).

In addition, there are more than 50 regular educational institutions and vocational units. Early childhood education and general education basically meet the learning needs of citizens from every region in the province. Scale of general education is stable.

Now, Quang Ninh province is now planning to establish a multidisciplinary university.

4. Medical

benh viena. Hospitals managed by Ministry of Health:
Sweden – Uong Bi Hospital with 750 patient beds.

b. Hospitals managed by the coal industry:

- Mao Khe Coal Hospital: 180 patient beds

- Vang Danh Coal Hospital: 150 patient beds

In addition, there are local health centers of companies and factories directly managed by functional management department.


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