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Green developmentRapid and sustainable economic development associated with innovating the growth model and restructuring the economy is the goal of the whole country in the coming years according to the spirit of Resolution of the Eleventh National Party and conclusions 3 of the Central Conference XI. This is an urgent requirement for the our entire economy and for each locality including Quang Ninh; besides, Quang Ninh Province  converges neccessary factors to achieve this goal.

The economic development orientation of Quang Ninh in the coming years is to develop green economy associated with transforming from the “hot” growth model to “green” growth, from unsustainable to sustainable development; from extensive to intensive development in a harmomious and reasonable way. Specifically:

(1)   For industry: to leverage and maximize the central industry in the locality; speed up local industrial development rate, focusing on clean industries, supporting industries, processing industries, high-tech industries. Fast build and move industrial parks to the  northern and western part of the province.

 (2) For service: to develop service towards service industry (finance, banking, telecommunications, maritime, aviation, border trade, health, education, science and technology transfer technology …) and entertainment industry (forms of tourism, forms of culture, forms of high-end entertainment, casino …);

 (3) For agriculture: To transfer agricultural and rural economic machanism towards commodity production associated with forming the areas specilizing in producing vegetables, flowers, fruits, ornamental plants …, especially develop ecological agriculture, clean agriculture, high-tech agriculture, aquaculture and capture fisheries; basically complete new rural construction program in 2015;

 (4) According to the region: to create a chain of service – production – entertainment in which Mong Cai is border gate, Hai Ha is clean and high-tech industrial park , Ha Long is wonderful visiting destination and Van Don is world class relaxing entertainment center;

The breakthrough of this growth model transformation process is to accelerate in order to complete synchronous infrastructure investment in the province at the 2020; simultaniously develop and improve the quality of human resources, especially high-quality human resources; closely connect to develop and apply science and technology.

khu kinh te van don4

The throughout viewpoint in the green growth model transformation process in Quang Ninh is drawing experience by doing, adjusting reasonably by doing and not immediately abandoning this model to completely use another but combining them in a harmonous and reasonable way. We have to preserve and respect what we are doing then inheriting, developing and adjusting towards new goals, new ways in order to handle effectively dialectical relationship between growth rate and quality of development.

Recognizing the importance of green economy and sustainable growth, Quang Ninh is now determined and makes efforts to reform the growth model, transforming developing methods from “brown” to “green”, from unsustainable to sustainable, basing on higher productivity and the balance between the priorities for socio-economic development and environmental protection. The main solution groups is given as follows:

Firstly, to well establish, manage and implement the planning, including 6 important plannings: socio-economic space development planning, urban space and infrastructure planning, natural resource and land planning, scientific and technological development planning, human resource education and development planning and environmental protection planning.

Secondly, to develop high-quality human resources and improve the quality of training and education: to make policies for attracting human resources, particularly high-quality labourforce (to improve living and working enviroment and to solve housing problems). To attract capital sources, focuse foreign investment capital on the construction of high-quality training institutions at international level and to attract investment in the establishment of international universities and vocational colleges in Quang Ninh. To focus on human resource development for green growth (in maritime economy, trade, tourism, agriculture, ecology …)

Thirdly, to promote the mobilization of investment resources. In addition to financial resources, there are human resource, spiritual resources, resources from cultural traditions, history, from dispelling inertia of old, outdated procedures… Take advantage of strategic location, land, natural resources, minerals to improve the productivity and quality of production sectors such as electricity, construction materials…To exploit effectively the value of tradition, culture, history, landscape, international brand Ha Long Bay, national brand products of Quang Ninh. To promote and make use of the intellectual, creativeness and the revolutionary tradition, the spirit of unity,  friendly attitude of people in Quang Ninh to attract the attention of others.  


Fourthly, promote synchronous infrastructure construction, in which firstly to create a breakthrough by the construction of dynamic infrastructure such as highways, airports, harbor system, border gate infrastructure, infrastructure of distinctive cultural institutions for tourism development. In addition, to develop mechanisms to attract investment in urban infrastructure, infrastructure of economic zones and industrial zone, commercial infrastructure, scientific and technological infrastructure, information technology, education and training, health …

Fifthly, to improve the investment environment and attract FDI, ODA. This is extremely important resource because the experience has shown that in the last 10 years, in Vietnam, provinces having breakthrough in social-economic development had to mobilize FDI of over 50%  of total investment capital in social development (that rate of Quang Ninh province is less than 10%).

Sixthly, to do administrative reform for green development focusing on administrative procedures, developing e-government, building service center for public administration and starting to train e-citizens. To continue to review and cut down inappropriate administrative procedures in all sectors to ensure the simplicity, convenience, open, transparency and synchronicity.

Seventhly, to invest in development and application of ccience and technology and enhance natural resource management and environmental protection: to spend resources in research and application of science and technology; to develop science and technology enterprises and to establish Northern center for aquaculture research; to renew scientific management mechanism and apply new technology of developed countries; to invest in research and application of technology for development of high-class services and marine and forestry business; to develop environmental management system using high technology; to conduct general project on environment improvement and protection in the whole province.

Eighthly, to structure sectors and the province in “green” direction

+ To develop modern integrated service: to quickly and synchronously develop service industries, especially high value added services. To exploit the maximum potential and the strength of the sea, islands, relics and landscapes, especially Ha Long Bay-the world natual heritage and wonder  together with the development of high quality tourism products to develop high-class services and entertainment industry. To form and develop the following services: banking-finance, telecommunication, maritime, airway, healthcare, education, science, and technology transfering. To develop seaport logistic service centers and fishing. To focus on deploying commercial services quickly and effectively in which the breakthrough is cross-border trade.

Ha Long

+ To develop green industry:  to continue to promote central industry in the local, to develop coal mining, thermal power, shipbuilding and construction materials industry reasonably and sustainably basing on science and technology. At the same time, accelerating the development of local industry, focusing on clean industry, ancillary industry, processing industry and environment friendly high-tech industry.

+ To develop marine business high-tech agriculture: to transform economic structure of agriculture and rural towards commodity production associated with areas supplying vegetables, flowers, fruits, ornamental plants … in which the breakthrough is the development of ecological agriculture, clean agriculture and high-tech agriculture.

+ To form the space of social-economic development in the structure of “one hub – two main lines – multi-dimensions – two breakthroughs” with Ha Long as a hub and two main lines: the West (including Dong Trieu, Uong Bi, Quang Yen, Hoang Bo, Ba Che) and the East (including Cam Pha, Tien Yen, Dam Ha, Hai Ha, Van Don, Mong Cai, Co, Binh Lieu). The Western line will mainly develop a range of green industrial urban areas and cultural – historical tourism while the Eastern line will mainly develop a range of ecological satellite urban areas, world-class integrated services and marine business. Two breakthrough points are Van Don and Mong Cai.


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