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Hong tian zuTexhong

Mr. Hong Tian Zhu
Chairman of Texhong Group

We chose Quang Ninh as our investment destination because here we have received positive and comprehensive concern and support from provincial leaders. The construction site clearance for the project implementation was implemented quickly then promptly transferred to the Group. All infrastructure conditions such as electricity, water, information were also actively implemented to ensure to bring technical infrastructure to the construction site and to make the connection in the industrial zone. In particular, we admired the fast administrative procedures in Quang Ninh province. The time from when we presented the idea to aspire to research investment projects in Quang Ninh until receiving the investment certificate is within 50 days.

On the side of our Group, we spent 4 months to complete the investment procedures, such as the planning, the designing and economic potential. At the same time, we invited the best current design and construction companies in Vietnam to implement the project. In the first phase, we will build factories and accommodation for workers and we committed to complete the construction within 6 months from the beginning day of the project.

With the attention and support of the local departments, Quang Ninh province has helped investors to complete the legal procedures. We promise to put the project into operation in the shortest time, to be the most effective project and to positively contribute to the development of Quang Ninh province.


Mr. Ray Chew Chuen Wei
Deputy director, Vietnam Wilmar Group – Cai Lan Vegetable Oil Company

The result of our investment in Quang Ninh Province in the last ten years is very good due to its favorable geographical location, hard workers and active local authorities who have effectively support the enterprises. Therefore, we have cut down a great deal of production costs and lower product costs in order to better meet the demand of Vietnam customers. In coming time, we will set up one more wheat flour factory in Quang Ninh.


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