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Investment Promotion Agency Quang Ninh (IPA) thanks you for using. IPA Quang Ninh suggests you read carefully the following conditions.


IPA Portal (abbreviated Portal) tries to collect information from various sources in order to meet the highest level of users’ demand for investment promotion in Quang Ninh province. However, IPA does not guarantee the accuracy and adequacy of information and IPA does not take responsibility for the errors of information as well as any consequences resulting from using information in this Portal.

All the comments, reviews and recommendations in the information, documents posted on the Portal do not reflect the official opinions of the IPA.

This Portal also provides addresses of many organizations and links to other websites. IPA is not responsible for the content and the consequences that may occur related to the use of these addresses and links.


Logo, name that associated with IPA Portal belongs to IPA Quang Ninh, using them requires the prior approval by written of IPA Quang Ninh.


Users may download, store or print the information and documents from the Portal in conditions not amend information, documentation and compliance with the law on copyright and related rights. When using the information and documents of the Portal, the users must specify the source “Investment Promotion Agency Portal” and the domain name investinquangninh.vn

Personal Information

Collecting personal information: Portal can collect some data related to the user’s access such as time, IP address, URL, pages visited without any prior notice. With the prior consent of the users, Portal can collect some personal information such as email address, name, occupation.

Use of Personal Information: Personal information is only used for two purposes:

1) To improve the quality of the Portal;

2) To meet the requires of each individual such as participating in a Forum, receiving the news or answering questions. The necessary measures will be taken to protect collected personal data and personal data will not be provided to any third party.

In case users provide personal information to any third party who is not IPA Quang Ninh, the users need to clarify the responsibility of such third parties in collecting and using their personal information. IPA Quang Ninh is not responsible for any consequences that occur when personal information is provided to a third party that is not IPA Quang Ninh .

IPA Quang Ninh reserves the right to modify the terms of using IPA Portal at any time without prior notice to the users.


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